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........Aggressive Class Minesweeper...........


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....,wapenschild.    ...... Hr.Ms. Mercuur 


ex us agressive class

History .................................................. museum

ex us mso

As a result of the Korean war experience the United States undertook the construction of a new series of minesweepers on a large scale. During the decade of the 1950s sixty-five new minesweepers were built. These new minesweepers were designated Minesweeper, Ocean (non-magnetic (MSO). They consisted of three classes of ships: Agile/Aggressive, Hull numbers 421 to 507; Acme, hull numbers 508 to 518; and Ability, hull numbers 519 to 522. In contrast to the steel-hulled minesweepers of World War II, designated (AM) later (MSF) and still later (MSO(O), these new minesweepers were smaller and built primarily of wood , with bronze and stainless (non-magnetic) steel fittings to minimize their magnetic signature. All of the 1950 era MSOs had UQS-1 mine-locating sonar, later updated with SQQ-14 sonar. MSOs were capable of sweeping for moored and bottom contact, magnetic and acoustic mines.

Marshall plan is the only remaining Ocean Minesweeper of the U.S Navy in the Netherlands after the second Wold War,together with five sister ships, the Ocean Mine Sweeper assisted in the  clean up of sea mines in the important waterways to the Dutch harbours.

These ships played a role in the rebuilding of the economy of the Netherlands

the boats ..........A854  ex M884  ex MSO480  ex AM 480
Hr.Ms.Onvervaard.... ..... A858  ex M888  exMSO482   ex AM 482
Hr.Ms.Onvermoeid           A857  ex M887  ex MSO484  ex AM484
Hr.Ms.Onbevreesd           A855  ex M885  ex MSO481  ex AM481
Hr.Ms.Onverdroten          A859  ex M889  ex MSO485  ex AM485
Hr.Ms.Onverschrokken . A856  ex M886  ex MSO483  ex MA483

rebuilt as Hr.Ms.Mercuur torpedo-tender-workship subsupport

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museumship Hr.Ms.Mercuur Netherlands Maritiem Trust



Ex-minesweeper, former naval support and staff ship named Onverschrokken.
22 Jul 1954: Commissioned to Royal Netherlands Navy.
27 Nov - 21 Dec 1954: Voyage USA to Netherlands..
1971: Rebuild into a Torpedo tender.
11 May 1973: renamed Mercuur (3).
12 Feb 1987: Decommissioned.
8 Apr 1993:: Arrived at Scheveningen.
24 Apr 1993:
Museum vessel at Scheveningen

Built in   1952

At Yard   Peterson Shipbuilders, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconson, USA.

Rebuild in 1971 - 1972

Attached to the Submarine Service 1973 - 1986

Le x Be x Dr  50.29 m x 10.37 m x 2.8 m

Tonnage 750 t

Engine Two G.M.C.  diesel engines, 2 x 800 pk

Shafts  2

Speed  15.5 kts

Complement 72

Armament  1 x 40 mm


museumship Mercuur


ex us navy ocean minesweeper in the netherlands

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museum ship Hr.Ms Mercuur, the last mso in the netherlands (See also "
Products of the peterson shipyard

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